2013-08-10 | Presentation
□ Update : 2013-08-10
Presentation files for talks and posters can be downloaded.
In alphabetical order of authors’ surnames.


  • Yuji Aruka (Chuo University), “A network analysis of production and its renewal”, pdf
  • Stefano Battiston (ETH, Zurich), “DebtRank Analysis of Japanese Credit Network”, pdf
  • Guido Caldarelli (IMT, Lucca), “Financial Networks”, pdf
  • Anirban Chakraborti (Ecole Centrale Paris), “Visualization and analyses of co-movement of stocks during a financial crisis”, pdf
  • Matthieu Cristelli (ISC, CNR), “New Metrics for Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intangible Growth Potential of Countries”, pdf
  • Joao da Gama Batista (Ecole Centrale Paris), “Dynamics of Trust in Networks and Systemic Risk”, Not available at the moment
  • Yuji Fujita (Nihon University), “Time-lapse of academic landscape”, pdf
  • Andrea Gabrielli (ISC, CNR), “Bootstrapping topological properties and systemic risk of complex networks using the fitness model”, pdf
  • Mauro Gallegati (Polytechnic University of Marche), “An agent based model of leveraged credit network vulnerability”, pdf
  • Makoto Hazama (Hitotsubashi University), “Measuring the Systemic Risk in Interfirm Transaction Networks”, pdf
  • Dirk Helbing (ETH, Zurich), “Economics 2.0: Towards a Self-\par Regulating, Participatory Market Society to Counter Complexity and Extreme Events”, Not available at the moment
  • Yuichi Ikeda (Kyoto university), “Direct Evidence for Synchronization in\par International Business Cycle”, pdf
  • Hiroyasu Inoue (Osaka Sangyo University), “Revealing the intricate effect of collaboration on innovation”, Not available at the moment
  • Hiroshi Iyetomi (Niigata University), “Temporal Evolution of Community\par Structure in a Japanese Credit Network”, pdf
  • Ji Young Park (University of Tokyo), “From Power-Law to Log-Normal? Structural Information Distortion by Human Agent and Its Effect on Networks Based on the Case of Facebook”, pdf
  • Andreas Joseph (City University of Hong Kong), “Co-evolution of Portfolio Investment Networks and Indicators for Financial Crises”, pdf
  • Joohyun Kim (KAIST), “Transaction costs, network topologies, and information cascades in the financial markets”, pdf
  • Masahiro Kuroda (Keio University), “Toward redesigning the structure of society and economy, how to assess and evaluate impacts of R&D investment on productivity gains”, pdf
  • Rosario N. Mantegna (Central European University), “Credit markets as networked markets: the cases of bank-firm credit relationships in Japan and in the European interbank market”, pdf
  • Jun-ichi Maskawa (Seijo University), “Market-wide price co-movements around crashes in Tokyo stock exchange”, Not available at the moment
  • Eunyoung Moon (University of Liverpool), “Risk-Sharing Networks”, pdf
  • Shintaro Mori (Kitasato University), “Risk of Herd and Phase Transition in a Sequential Voting Experiment”, pdf
  • Akira Namatame (National Defense\par Academy), “Systemic Risk: Shock Propagation in Core-Periphery Networks”, pdf
  • Quang Nguyen (Vietnam National\par University), “Financial market risk analysis through cross-correlation’s eigenvector components distribution”, pdf
  • Sebastian Poledna (Medical University of Vienna), “DebtRank-Transparency: Controlling Systemic Risk in Financial Networks”, pdf
  • Ranaivo Razakanirina (University of Geneva), “Artificial Lend-Redeem Model on Irregular Topologies”, pdf
  • Aki-Hiro Sato (Kyoto University), “Dynamic Interaction Between Asset Prices and Bank Behavior: A Systemic Risk Perspective”, pdf
  • Enrico Scalas (Universita del Piemonte Orientale), “Semi-Markov graph dynamics”, pdf
  • Wataru Souma (Nihon University), “Analysis of citation networks”, Not available at the moment
  • Sergio R. S. Souza (Central Bank of Brazil), “Connectivity and Systemic Risk in the Brazilian Payment System”, pdf
  • Andrea Tacchella (ISC, CNR), “Countries’ production spectroscopy and the network of products”, Not available at the moment
  • Irena Vodenska (Boston University), “Systemic Importance of Global Financial Markets and Distress Propagation”, Not available at the moment
  • Eiichi Yamaguchi (Doshisha University), “A General theory toward breakthrough innovation”, pdf
  • Shinya Yamamoto (Doshisha University), “Study of the innovation strategy for Japanese pharmaceutical and biotech industry”, pdf
  • Hiroshi Yoshikawa (University of Tokyo), “A model of macroprudential policy”, pdf


  • Yuta Arai (Niigata University), “Network Approach to Dynamic Correlations in Stock Markets”, pdf
  • Shouji Fujimoto (Kanazawa Gakuin University), “The joint probability density function of firms revealed by supervised landform classification”, Not available at the moment
  • Atushi Ishikawa (Kanazawa Gakuin University), “Total factor productivity and patent \par quality”, pdf
  • Takashi Isogai (Bank of Japan), “Detecting Correlation Structure of Stock Returns by Network Clustering”, pdf
  • Yong Hyun Kwon (KAIST), “The Ownership Network Structure in\par Business Group: Evidence from Korean Chaebol”, Not available at the moment
  • Yuki Matsuura (Niigata University), “Analysis of a Bidirected Bipartite Credit Network Formed by Banks and Listed Firms in Japan”, Not available at the moment
  • Takayuki Mizuno (National Institute of Informatics), “Stochastic model for order book dynamics in online product market”, Not available at the moment
  • Yusuke Naito (Artificial Life Laboratory, Inc.), “Knowledge Map in Japan”, pdf
  • Lukas Pichl (International Christian University), “Causality Data Mining for the Time Series of Financial Futures on Crude Oil in Japan”, pdf
  • Aki-Hiro Sato (Kyoto University), “Parameter estimation methods of a multiplicative stochastic process for an analysis of financial time series”, Not available at the moment
  • Kazunori Umino (Tokyo Institute of Technology), “Attacking Dynamic Asset Selection\par Problems through On-line Machine\par Learning Techniques”, pdf
  • Kenta Yamada (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study), “The origin of the ARCH and GARCH models from the dealer model”, Not available at the moment
  • Kazuko Yamasaki (Tokyo University of Information Sciences), “The Complex Network Study of Money and CO2 Emission Flows between Industrial Sectors in Asian Countries using Input-Output Table”, Not available at the moment
  • Takeo Yoshikawa (Niigata University), “Comparative Study of Community Structures in Stock Correlation Networks”, pdf
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